Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

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Best True Wireless Under 5000 In India

TWS (True Wireless) Earbuds are the latest fad in the portable audio segment. Just as physical keypad phones were eventually replaced by touch screen one’s, TWS are here to replace the conventional wired earphones.

The innovation in Earphone category has been pretty dormant till now and the only option available were wired earphones and headsets.

The way smartphones have been innovated, with striking design to innovative features, earphones saw almost little to no changes in the design or technology front.

Wired earphones,  though were portable but it was a pain to use them, as the wires used to tangle often during storage and while in use leaving us frustrated.

While manufacturers addressed the tangling cords issue by providing anti- tangle and serrated cords in some of their models they could not resolve the issue of free mobility.

Wired earphones made sure that we were stuck carrying our phones within a limited reach and it was one of the biggest downsides as we had to be much more careful while using them so as not to break or lest twist the cord.

However manufacturers did find the solution to these problem and hence TWS were born as a necessity.

True Wireless category has recently seen a lot of sparks and crackles with a slew of new launches and even newer technologies.

The foundation of TWS was laid by Apple (Most Valuable brand in the world of consumer electronics), thanks to their Apple Airpods.

But these Airpods were not for the masses as they carried a hefty price tag starting from 15000 onwards.

Seeing the rise in demand for True Wireless Earbuds among the modern generation, many manufacturers started their R&D, as a result today we have more than 15 Brands with their TWS out there at affordable prices.

Thanks to extreme competition the prices of TWS today start from as low as 999. However in this article we shall discuss the hottest in demand, i.e under the 5000 budget category.

We have chosen the under 5000 category as this segment has been growing by leaps and bounds and is an absolute favourite among buyers and manufacturers.

Though entry level TWS start at 999 they offer very limited features with compromise on many aspects. The < 5000 category one’s offer some of the balanced and best specs out there and is a sweet spot for many of us.

If you are also on the search for the right pair of TWS, that too under 5000, you are absolutely spoilt for choice as there are a plethora of options to choose from and it can get really confusing to zero down upon a single one.

No worries, we shall guide you through to make your apt choice.

Here we will take into consideration the below factors, so that it becomes easier for you to choose the best for your needs.

  • Bluetooth Version
  • Audio Quality
  • Driver Size
  • Button or Gesture Control
  • IP Water Resistant Certification
  • Battery Life

So yes, the wireless earbuds had to go through a rigorous testing process before finding their way here.

It is difficult to determine a single winner when earphones are considered because if someone is good at one aspect, say sound,  the other is good at its battery life and so on.

Different users have different requirements and taste, some of you are bass lovers and some of you love the treble whereas some prefer a good balance between both.

So finding a winner becomes a Herculean task when the above cases are taken into account.

Today, we will narrow down our list and discuss in details so that it becomes comparatively easier for you to choose the right one as per your requirements.

Here we go-

Realme Buds Air

Realme buds Air are the one’s that come closest to replicating Apple’s Airpods. Buds Air come with the stem design and are offered in 3 colours, Yellow, Black & White. Buds Air is the only one to provide wireless charging under this budget.

Realme Buds Air best tws under 5000
Realme Buds Air

Realme Buds Air feature Bluetooth 5.0 with low latency gaming mode, 12mm Bass boost drivers, Built in dual microphones, Environmental Noise Cancellation, 17 hrs of total battery life and Touch controls.

Unfortunately Buds Air do not carry any kind of IP water resistant certification.

Buds Air provide one of the best Audio Quality out there. Bass is good and you will enjoy the thump. vocals are also equally good of high quality.

The glossy case really feels premium and is well built too.

Realme buds air also come equipped with optical sensor that automatically pauses the song/video when you take out from your ears and vice versa. Call quality was decent both indoors and outdoors. Buds Air feature a complete Touch Control for operation.

We got a battery life of around 2hrs 15mins on a full charge of the buds. Battery could have been better though.

You can also use MONO Mode feature in the buds air.

Realme Buds Air are priced at 3999 and for the price they really provide some great features.

Lenovo HT 10

Lenovo HT 10 is one of the most under rated TWS out there. They come with Bluetooth 5.0 backed by 12mm drivers and also have a low latency mode.

HT 10 is available in a single matte black colour.

Lenovo HT 10 best tws under 5000
Lenovo HT 10

The highlighting factor with the HT 10 is, it comes powered by a Qualcomm 3020 Audio Chipset.

Qualcomm audio chipset really helps in maintaining a stable connection. Besides HT 10 also is equipped with Qualcomm APT-X that improves audio quality as well as Gaming to a great extent. This is a must have feature that most of you must be unknown of.

Lenovo HT 10 comes with Passive Noise Cancellation that works great while calling indoors but we could not say the same thing outdoors. It picked up external noise and we won’t recommend them calling in outdoors.

HT 10 also provides a great battery backup, You get a total playback time of 48 hrs. HT 10 comes with Button Controls for operation.

Lenovo HT 10 TWS are IPX 5 water resistant certified and can handle occasional rain splashes and sweat.

HT 10 TWS perform really well in the audio department. There is an extra Bass mode that really pumps in some thumping bass and Vocals come clear too.

HT 10 come with a rubberised casing, the casing though is of good quality, they could have been better still. Lenovo HT 10 also feature MONO Mode.

We got a battery life of around 7.5 hrs on a single full charge of the earbuds and hence we absolutely recommend for heavy users. HT 10 is the hands down winner when it comes to individual Earbud battery Backup.

Most other TWS provide only half or even less the backup that Lenovo HT 10 provides.

HT 10 is priced at 3899 and for the price to performance they are really good.

CrossBeats Pebble

If you do not want to compromise on styling Crossbeats Pebble is the apt choice for you. The TWS from crossbeats is really carved with class and carries an elegant design.

Crossbeats Pebble best tws under 5000
CrossBeats Pebble

Pebble TWS is available in two colour options a matte black and an Imperial Jade Green variant.

CrossBeats Pebble best tws under 5000

The crossbeats Pebble comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and 8mm of drivers. The Pebble TWS also feature voice cancellation and promises a total battery life of 20 hrs.

Crossbeats Pebble come with a IPX6 water resistance certification and can handle occasional splashes of water and are sweat resistant too.

Pebble comes in a rubberised casing and the earbuds too are built with the same rubberised material as of the casing.

Build quality, fit and finish of the case is absolutely top notch and imparts a premium feel to the TWS.

The Pebble TWS offers good audio quality, Bass is tuned for Indian users and vocals are equally great. Pebble also supports MONO mode functionality and has button controls.

We could not notice any lag while playing PUBG, so yes they offer a low latency mode.

We got a battery life of around 3.5 hrs on a single full charge of the earbuds, battery life is just average.

Crossbeats Pebble is priced at 4499 and for this premium price you really get a premium product.

JBL C100

JBL is a name synonym with audiophiles. Pure Bass signature sound note is the standout feature of these earbuds.

JBL TWS come in 2 colour options a sober glossy black and a simple white.

JBL C100 best tws under 5000
JBL C100

The JBL C100 TWS come with Bluetooth version 5.0 and are powered by 5.8mm drivers. The earbuds provide a total of around 17 hrs of battery life.

Unfortunately the C100 earbuds do not offer any kind of water resistance, so you have to be careful during rains and heavy workouts.

C100 TWS has the smallest case around here and resembles more of a compact capsule. The Case comes in a rubberised finish but the build quality could have been better.

JBL C100 earbuds shine in the audio department. The TWS punch some of the best shattering bass in the segment. If you are a bass lover look no further than these.

 As these are tuned for heavy bass, quality of vocals stands at a compromise. C100 earbuds offer button controls for operation.

JBL C100 earbuds do not feature any low latency mode leaving gaming nerds disappointed. However C100 earbuds offer MONO mode.

We got a battery life of around 4.5 Hrs on a single full charge of the earbuds and the backup was pretty decent.

JBL C100 TWS are priced at 3999 and are a bit overpriced according to us for the limited number of features that it comes with.

Noise Shots X5 Pro

Noise has been leading the TWS segment for a while now. It is the only manufacturer that has plenty of variants under its portfolio.

The X5 charge and X5 pro are one of the best selling variants from the brand.

The X5 pro comes in a single grey colour while the X5 charge comes in multiple colour options. X5 charge is a older model while the pro being the recent one.

Noise Shots X5 Pro best tws under 5000
Noise Shots X5 Pro

The X5 pro come powered by 6mm of drivers with Qualcomm Audio chipset supporting Bluetooth version 5.0 and APT-X technology. The earbuds provide a staggering 150 hours of total battery life.

Noise shots x5 pro is the absolute winner when it comes to total battery life.

The shots X5 pro also come with IPX7 waterproof certification and can handle rigorous water tests without any worries.

The earbuds come packed in a rubberied bulky case. Noise shots X5 pro has the biggest case in the segment thanks to the humongous battery it packs in.

Build Quality of the case was good except that it is a bit heavy and packing the largest battery compromises slightly on portability. The X5 Pro feature touch controls for operation.

The Case also has the ability to charge your phone, yes it acts as a mini power bank. However the charging will be slow.

The Shots X5 Pro deliver detailed and thumping bass along with clear vocals and it impressed us with the balanced performance.

As the X5 pro buds are equipped with qualcomm audio chipset we did not notice any lag while playing games. Good news for gamers out there.

We got a battery life of around 7.2 hrs on a single full charge of the earbuds. Thanks to its huge case battery life wont be an issue for most of you.

Noise Shots X5 pro are the priciest one in the segment retailing at 4999.

Our list ends here however we will be recommending some particular models for peculiar use.

Best USB C Type Wireless Earbuds

Noise Shots X5 pro, CrossBeats Pebble, Realme Buds Air, Noise Shots Groove.

Best Wireless Earbud for Gaming

Noise Shots Rush( 85Ms latency), Crossbeats Pebble, Realme buds Air, Noise shots x5 pro, Lenovo HT 10.

If you are a gamer and on the lookout for a TWS, Noise Shots Rush should be your choice as they offer extremely segment leading low latency mode and are pretty affordable too at 3999.

Best Wireless Earbuds in Call Quality

Realme Buds Air, Lenovo HT 10, Crossbeats Evolve , Crossbeats pebble, Noise Shots X5 pro.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Bass

JBL C100/105, Lenovo HT 10, Realme Buds Air, Noise Shots X5 Pro.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Battery Life

Noise Shots X5 Pro, Lenovo HT 10, Wings powerpods.

Best Wireless Earbuds Active Noise Cancelling

Apple airpods, Jabra elite, Samsung galaxy Buds, Sennheiser momentum, Sony Earbuds.

Active Noise Cancelling TWS are pretty expensive though.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Swimming, Workout & Gym

Noise Shots X5 Pro, Boult Audio Air Bass Probuds.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Use Under Helmet

Crossbeats Pebble, Realme Buds Air, Crossbeats Evolve, JBL C100, Noise Shots X5 pro, Realme Buds Air Neo.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Zoom Meetings

Realme Buds Air, Noise Shots X5 pro, Lenovo HT 10, Crossbeats Pebble, Crossbeats Evolve, Apple airpods, Samsung galaxy buds.

TWS, however low latency they provide but you can still see lag in the gaming department. Some exhibit less lag while others stutter majorly.

No matter at how expensive TWS you are looking for latency will always be present. As of now TWS cannot give the same experience to gamers that Wired earphones or headphones shall provide.

Continuous development are on and in the distant future we shall surely be able to eliminate lag and latency from TWS completely.

We haven’t included any models from Boat as most users had negative feedback. OnePlus buds have also been left out as most of the features they offer are exclusive to OnePlus Smartphones.

Let me know in the Comments below if you have any query or feedback.

Thanks for being here. Hope you have found your right TWS.

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4 thoughts on “Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000”

  1. Hey Sid,
    Well rounded review. It’s one that definitely will soon help with my choice. I had 2 questions though:

    1. As an all round performance with focus on IP rating, in-helmet use and sound quality which between the noise shots and pebble would you reccomend?

    2. Do you know of any reliable TWS brands that offer IPX8 rating with good sound? I wouldn’t mind shelling out a little more than the 5k budget for these.

    Thanks for the help. Await your reply!

    • Well kyle for your second question i am afraid to let you down. Most reputed brands do not offer any tws that is ipx8 certified. Though Ipx8 waterproof certification is offered by some brands never heard of, i would not be recommending any. Ipx7 is waterproof till 1 meter for 30 minutes.
      The real problem is if ever manufacturers manage to develop a completely waterproof Bluetooth tws the major hurdle would be the connectivity under water. To address this issue the source i.e phone or mp3 player or whatever should be equally waterproof as well to carry along.
      Well if the latter devices won’t be waterproof ever you can always carry them in a zip lock waterproof bag or waterproof case 😉

    • If styling is on your forefront i would recommed you to go with the xo and if battery life is what matters you should go for the x5 pro. Apart from these two factors both tws produce sound of equal signatures. Hope this helps.


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