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BOODMO- Smart Parts Online

Today’s world is mobile. Our world has virtually shrunk to mere inches, thanks to newer connected technologies of our smartphones and computers.

Internet that was earlier confined to cafe’s, now is an indispensable asset.

With internet penetration in our country like never before, India’s online marketplace has grown leaps and bounds witnessing a massive boom. From apparels to electronics and medicine, furniture to grocery and even for paying our bills we no longer have to step out from our homes and everything is available in a single click.

But there is still a grey area for which we have to venture out from our homes like the servicing and repairing of our vehicles, CARS to be specific.

With rising incomes the dream of owning a car now is easy. But just to clarify, cars are more of an asset than investment which means as they grow older, their value depreciates and along with time they require maintenance at specific intervals.

This maintenance schedule includes changing of old parts with new spares and the real pain lies in here. Thanks to our fallible network system and high consumption to low productivity ratio, most of the regular consumeable spare parts are not available with the dealers or local garages.

But what if i told you that you can order these spare parts online? Sounds convenient; right! Yes the issue of your car spare parts has been addressed and here is where BOODMO comes into the picture.


BOODMO is India’s largest Car spare parts experts store and was founded in the year 2015 by two Ukranian entrepreneurs, Yevgen Sokolnikov and Oleksandr Danylenko. They have been running one of the biggest e-commerce market in Russia and were also simultaneously keeping a watch on India’s growing digital business.

They visited India and found that the automotive spare parts industry was hugely  unorganised and withheld a huge potential if digitised. Not to mention that India’s automobile spare parts industry is valued at a staggering 100 billion $ as in 2020 and BOODMO wants to have a major share in the same.

India is going to be the 4th largest Automobile manufacturer by 2025 with just behind China, US & Japan and hence the spare part industry alongwith is anticipated to grow marginally to cater the demands.

So i found this topic to be of paramount importance and wanted to share with you.

What does BOODMO aim?

BOODMO solely focuses on bringing the unorganised car spare market to a completely organised one online and they have succeeded in doing so.

BOODMO wants its users to have a hassle free experience while searching for car spare parts without having to venture into the markets in search for them.

BOODMO offers a one stop shop for all your car needs from all the car brands, all under one roof.

How does BOODMO offer such experience?

Boodmo has a huge online inventory of spares.  As they operate online they have a much more wider reach than your regular car service center or local garage.

Boodmo has almost 3000 different brands of OEM’s(Original Equipment Manufacturers) and 10,00,000+ Spare parts in their inventory.

From Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Ford to Mercedes, Audi’s, BMW’s & Land Rover’s BOODMO deals with spares of all the car manufacturers in our country.

Boodmo has such prolific presence because they source spares from various dealers and OEM manufacturers across the length and breadth of the country.

How did BOODMO become No.1 in Car Spare parts?

  • The only factor that has sky rocketed Boodmo’s success in the car spare parts industry is the voluptuous inventory of spare parts stock.
  • Boodmo has a wide range of inventory that spans from regular maintenance service parts, air conditioning parts, belts chains and roller parts, body parts(from bumper to chassis), brake system, car accessories, clutch system, electric components, engine and its components.
  • Engine cooling system, exhaust systems, filters, fuel supply system, gasket and sealing rings, ignition and glowplug system, car interior( from dashboard, media system to seats), lighting, oils and fluids, pipes and hoses, repair kits, sensor relay and control units, steering and its components, suspension and its parts, transmission parts,  wheels to windscreen cleaning systems.
  • With such vast expanse of spares you just name the part and boodmo has it.
  • Besides Boodmo has flexible ease of buying and a good 10 days return policy.
  • You are provided with details of the spare part you are searching and get a tracking id for the same after you order.
  • Boodmo confers to an open price policy and secure payment gateway so that you enjoy a peace of mind with your purchase.

Benefits of buying from BOODMO

  • Boodmo provides with you with all the spares from different car brands all under one roof.
  • Boodmo occasionally runs offers on their platform as a result you get spare parts at good discounted prices than your local market or dealer.
  • You do not have to follow up with your car dealer or local garage for the required spares.
  • Boodmo offers a 100% guarantee on their products and services.
  • All spare parts available on boodmo are 100% genuine and OEM certified.
  • Apart from choosing spares of OEM’s you also have the option to choose spares of 3rd party brands.
  • Flexibilty of ordering from either their website or through their app.
  • Good refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product or receive defective items.

Boodmo not only comes to the rescue during search for regular car  maintenance spares but also during emergencies like accidents.

After an accident the process that follows in repairing the vehicle is a cumbersome and time consuming one.

In most cases repair of the vehicle is delayed due to unavailability of spares with the authorized dealer or local garage. Even if the accident is minor resulting in a displaced bumper or broken mirror the lack of availability of spares pushes the repair period to a week.

Major accidents even require much more time thanks to the number of extra and intricate spares involved.  A single car has 30,000+ parts from tiny screws to bigger parts like the chassis itself.

Besides a car manufacturer has a number of different vehicles under its portfolio from hatchback to suv’s and again among them are classifications of petrol and diesel and each require different set of spares. So it is virtually impossible for the dealer or the local garage to keep all the spares in stock readily available.

Also the life span of any car model of any brand is 3 years after which the manufacturer updates it to keep the freshness of the product.

So the older the car gets the availability of its spares reduces with the dealer and in the local market. Problem of spare parts further aggravates if the product gets discontinued from the brand’s end.

A new car gets a maximum warranty of 5 Years or till a specified Km’s whichever comes earlier. During this period it is mandatory to service the vehicle in the authorized service center to avoid the warranty from lapsing.

The problem with authorized service centers is they charge exorbitantly on the labour part and hence after the vehicle warranty expires most of us prefer getting our car serviced from local gargages. Here comes the issue of sourcing spares again.

This is where the role of boodmo becomes inevitable. From new running car models to old discontinued one’s boodmo provides support of spares for all of them.

Even if you have any such old discontinued cars parked in your garage due to unavailability of spares, you can give it a complete makeover to showroom condition completely because of boodmo.


If you ask me, my review of boodmo, i would give them a full 5 stars for their innovation, spare availability and delivery.

Necessity is the mother of invention and i too had the same experience. During the regular servicing of my Hyundai elite i20  the air conditioner filter had to be changed but the spare was not available with the dealer.

The dealer instead tried push selling me an inferior plastic filter of Hyundai Grand i10 .  I refrained from buying and started my search for the original AC filter of elite i20. I contacted multiple dealers in my city but none of them had that spare in stock.

Hyundai i10 AC Filter

It is where i came across Boodmo. Boodmo resolved the spare part problem in a single click. As this was my first order from boodmo, i was a bit sceptical if the spare would be original or not as they advertise but was really delighted to see that the spare was absolutely new and genuine with original Hyundai packaging and embossing.

Hyundai elite i20 AC Filter

There i came to know that this is the right platform for anyone in search of their car spare parts.

Boodmo definitely offers transparent, quality  and genuine services to its customers. A must recommend for car enthusiast and lovers.

If you have any queries regarding boodmo let me know in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help.

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