How to reduce electricity bill by up to 8500/- per year?

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If you too want to save this chunk of your hard earned money from paying electricity bills you have found yourself in the right page.

Reduce electricity bill at home

With people staying indoors more often than ever, rising electricity bills has been a major concern for most households. Thanks to our tropical climate, imagining life without cooling appliances in this sultry summer is next to impossible. Besides these we have become overly dependent upon our power hungry gadgets for our routine work. These items collectively contribute to the major part of our ever rising bills.

Here in this article i shall share the tips and tricks by which you can save upto 700/- per month that ultimately converts to almost 8500/- per year on your power bills. I know it sounds insane, like saving 700 bucks in a month on electricity bills is too good a news to be true. But it is actually possible and i have successfully tried, tested and managed to bring down my electricity bills by the said amount.

How to reduce electricity bills using AC?

Air conditioners have become more of a necessity than luxury today. Though our AC’s provide huge relief from the soaring heat this single appliance contributes to about 50% of our electricity bills. So it is absolutely necessary to use this appliance wisely without compromising on our comfort.

  • Most of us turn the AC temperature to the lowest setting possible to achieve faster cooling. This lame thinking simply affects our power bills without having any practical effect. Studies show that with each degree higher temperature we set on our AC we save about 10% on our electricity bills.
  • Setting the AC temperature at 16 or 18 degrees simply lets the compressor to work for a longer time ultimately consuming more power. Besides living in such low temperatures for longer adversely affects our health. Studies recommend to set the AC temperature at 24-26 degrees which is optimum for human body.
  • The BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) hence made the rule to by default set the AC temperatures at government institutions and banks at 25 degrees to reduce bills without affecting productivity. Also the Air conditioner manufacturers of leading brands have come to an agreement of presetting their product at 24 degrees as the default setting out of the box.
  • Always prefer going for star rated inverter AC’s than fixed speed one’s. Inverter AC’s have variable speed compressor and work more efficiently compared to fixed speed one’s.
  • Prefer AC’s with high cooling capacity and low power consumption.
  • Prefer AC’s running on R-32 or R-410 Refrigerant Gases as these are eco friendly and do not pose risk to the environment.
  • Keep the AC filter clean as a dust accumulated filter increases the working of the compressor as well as emits foul smell and the compressor has to work longer to bring down to the desired set temperature.
  • Use ECO mode on your AC if available.
  • Use the TIMER and SLEEP functions to keep temperatures at check while you sleep.
  • Instead of reducing your AC temperature use your fan at slow speeds with AC for proper circulation of air. This reduces the load on the compressor as the set temperature is easily achievable with the fan ON.

How to reduce electricity bills using Fans?

When it comes to saving electricity, fans are one of the most looked over appliances. The priority we give on using LED lights to conserve electricity, fans almost do not get the same importance, despite in reality fans have a lot more work hours than any other appliance and consume power significantly.

For example at least a bulb is kept switched off while we are asleep but the fan has to keep on running throughout the day.

Just for your information a regular 1200mm ceiling Fan at its maximum speed consumes 75W per hour. So going by the calculation if  it is kept running for 15 hours a day it shall consume about 75*15=1125W or 1.1KWh per day. A general household has 4 fans and to keep facts real if 2 fans are used at most, the calculation shoots to 2250W or 2.25KWh per day give or take.

1 Unit = 1KW = 1000w

If we consider the average electricity cost per unit at Rs 5 and take into consideration the cost of running two regular fans for a month the results are as follows

Per day consumption – 2.2KWh

30 day consumption- 30*2.2 = 66KWh

Per unit cost = Rs 5

66 Units cost = 66*5 = Rs 330

This is an average calculation and the results shall vary according to the electricity cost per unit in your state.

Just running  2 regular fans for a month costs Rs 330. It may not sound much but as you keep on using the more number of fans the operating cost increases marginally. Similarly  running  2  regular fans for a year costs around 330*12 = Rs 3960 and this amount goes on increasing with the number of fans.

So now you must be aware about how much do the regular fans contribute to the electricity bill. You must be having a question , is there a way to reduce this power consumption from regular fans ?

Well the good news is YES there is a way, and what if i told you this shall even help to efficiently reduce your electricity bills from fans by half.

The answer to regular power hungry fans are BLDC fans. BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. Just what LED did to CFL and Halogen bulbs, BLDC fans are the answer to regular fans. BLDC fans work as good as regular fans but consume half the power. Where a regular fan consumes 75W at full speed and 55W at the lowest speed, a BLDC fan consumes only 38W at full speed and a miniscule 3W at the lowest speed.


So with better efficiency BLDC fans operate at half the cost of regular fans. The initial cost of BLDC fans is high but owing to their power saving nature the extra cost can easily be recovered within a year. BLDC fans are also feature rich and come with a remote control with sleep and timer functions for hassle free convenient operation. Premium BLDC fans also come with internet connectivity via wifi and function just on your given command. BLDC fans unlike regular fans also do not heat up during longer hour of operations.

I upgraded all 4 of my fans to BLDC and easily save about Rs 600 per month which alone translates to a saving of Rs 7200 per year.

Click here to know more about BLDC fans.

How to reduce electricity bills of our gadgets?

A regular household has at least a LED Tv , a water purifier , one or more computers/laptops and a couple of smartphones.

Any idea how much these devices would be consuming on a regular basis. Breaking by power consumption –

A 40+ inch FULL HD LED TV consumes about 100W per hour. The bigger the screen and resolution get , the more power a TV consumes. A 65 inch 4K TV similarly consumes nearly about 300W per hour. Besides If you couple a home theatre system it incurs an additional power consumption starting from 50W in the lower end to 250+W in higher range.

A water purifier consumes about 50W per hour.

A regular laptop on charging consumes anywhere between 65-120W per hour.

Desktops consume about 200W & gaming desktops with high specification consume about 500W per hour.Given how much we are dependent upon our computers to work daily, these machines contribute to a fair share in our bills.

Nowadays most smartphones are equipped with fast charging capabilities. If a charger has power output of at least 15W, it is classified as a fast charger. Fast charging phones range from 15W in mid range phones to all the way up to 120W in high end smartphones.

 As we have been addicted to our smartphones from using it for calls to watching videos and surfing on internet most of them require to be charged at least two times a day. Multiply the number of smartphones with the charging cycles for each and the power consumption magnifies.

You must be thinking these devices consume power only when they are in use, well you are partially correct. But do you know even when we pull out our phone or laptop from charging without actually switching off they still continue to consume power.

The charger of a laptop or phone still continues to consume power at their rated output, say 100W for a laptop and 18W for a single phone. Increase these numbers with the respected gadgets and the power consumption exponentially increases without the equipment being practically used. It is just like an Iron being kept ON, you may or may not use it to press your clothes but still it consumes power at its rated output.

  • Always remember to switch off the power supply after unplugging your devices or when not in use. Just incorporating these simple steps in our daily lives shall result in drastic reduction of our electricity bills by up to Rs 700 per month and reduce our carbon footprint thereby contributing to a Greener environment.
  • Lastly avoid paying bills manually instead opt for online merchants like Paytm, Amazon Pay, Phone Pe, Airtel Money. These merchants provide cash back up to Rs 50 on paying electricity bills above a certain amount.

 Implement the steps above and do let me know in the comments below by how much were you able to bring down your electricity bills. If you found the article new and useful do not forget to share with your family and friends.

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