Jio Fiber 2020 Details (Booking, New Plans, TV, Review)

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Reliance Jio Fiber New Plans

Are you on the lookout for a high speed internet connection to cater your online needs from work to study? If yes you have found yourself in the right page. Reliance Jio Fiber is here to the rescue with its recent 2020 plans that have become much affordable and value for money than before.

With work from home becoming the latest norm in the upcoming times and data consumption increasing day by day it is inevitable to have a reliable unlimited high speed internet connection in every household and to cater the tech savvy needs of IT, business professionals educational institutions,teachers and students who are or are going to be wholly dependent upon internet for their work and study.


Reliance jio fiber with its new attractive plans offers some of the best industry leading data plans and reliable high speed internet to the users at an affordable cost.

This article is an honest review of a jio fiber user from the last 20 months. So yes this means i have been a beta tester for 10 months prior to jio fiber  rolling out commercially.

This article shall comprehensively deal with jio fiber new plan details and queries from installation to review with advantages, disadvantages and conclusion & will be the most detailed article found on the internet.

Jio Fiber Connection

You can book jio fiber net either through the my jio app or through their website   After you raise a request for new connection they shall reach out to you within 48-72 hours and complete the documentation formalities.

The jio fiber personnel shall ask you to choose the desired plan and upon confirmation shall send a link to your registered mobile number through which the payment has  to be done. This shall include the jio fiber plan you have opted along with the installation charges.

Jio Fiber Recharge

This payment/recharge of jio fiber can be done through Debit/ATM card,Credit card and wallets like paytm,phonepe,mobikwik and jio money. Payment can be done through UPI apps of leading banks,google pay,phone pe upi,paytm upi and amazon pay upi.

New recharge offers with CITI & HSBC Debit and Credit cards include cashback of 10% upto ₹1000 while recharging your Jio Fiber.

The installation procedure roughly takes around 2 hours. They individually check the working of the router, settop box/tv and landline too.

Jio Fiber is the only broadband to offer you both router and Jio fiber tv at a low cost of Rs 2500. Internet speed test is also carried out to know the performance. After the checklist is completed you are good to go.

With the new plan portfolio you can even choose the Rs 1500 installation if you do not want the settop box.

Jio Fiber New Plans

New Jio fiber plans offer speeds from 30Mbps to 1Gbps. Earlier Jio Fiber used to cap upload speeds at 10% of download speeds, however in the new plans Jio is offering Symmetric Download & Upload speeds.

Netflix subscription has also been added with certain plans.

Symmetric speeds imply that both the download and upload speeds are equal.

With the new plans the next major upgrade is the Truly Unlimited Data bundle no matter whichever plan you opt for.

Truly unlimited data though is capped at 3300 GB per month for every plan except Titanium.

Currently new jio fiber net provides 7 different plans to cater the needs of a wide array of customers. The base plans comprise of bronze and silver while the premium ones include gold and diamond with diamond+, platinum and titanium being the ultra premium plans.

New Plan details

You may be confused as to What do the new plans offer and which one should you opt for. No worries though i have got you covered and shall advice to choose the right most plan for your needs.

Jio Fiber Bronze Plan

The new bronze monthly plan offers speeds of 30Mbps and costs Rs 470 including GST. This plan provides you with truly unlimted high speed data of 3300 GB per month.

After you exhaust the high speed data quota you can avail unlimited internet but  the speed shall throttle down to 1 Mbps and the same is applicable to all plans after exhausting the data quota.

Earlier Bronze plan offered subscriptions to only Jio Cinema & Jio Saavn, however these subscriptions have been withdrawn in the new 2020 plans.

Bronze plan is recommended for light users who do not require high speed net, rarely download videos, surf the net and do video calls. Using the jio settop box with this plan to watch tv is not recommended due to lower speeds. The detailed info regarding Jio fiber TV is covered in a separate article.

Jio Fiber Silver Plan

The new silver monthly plan of jio fiber offers speeds of 100Mbps and costs Rs 824 with GST. This plan provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 3300 GB per month.

Silver plan was the most vfm plan previously as it offered subscriptions to 11 OTT Apps, however with the new plans those subscriptions have been eliminated.

Silver plan is recommended for casual users who download high quality videos, movies and stream content in high quality on youtube and other platforms. Using of Jio tv settop box with this plan  to watch tv and other content is recommended as the speed offered is good.

Jio Fiber Gold Plan

The new gold monthly plan of jio fiber offers speeds of 150Mbps and costs Rs 1,178 with GST. This plan now is the most Value For Money Plan & provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 3300 Gb per month.

Starting from the Gold Plan you get access to 12 Premium OTT Apps. OTT subscriptions included are Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar VIP, SONYLIV, ZEE5, SUNNXT, VOOT, ALTBALAJI, HOICHOI, SHEEMAROME, LIONSGATE PLAY, JIO CINEMA & JIO SAAVN.

Gold plan is recommended for premium tech savvy homes, heavy users who stream content and watch videos in full hd and above resolution. Using of the jio tv settop box to watch tv in multiple devices and content is recommended as the speed offered is high.

Currently i am on this plan and use the jio tv as my primary settop box to watch TV and other content without any niggles.

My first connection is on silver plan. For the silver plan i have opted for a long term recharge of 6 months and for the gold plan i have opted for the 12 month plan.

Earlier with a 24 Months recharge of Gold Plan you could avail a 24″ HD Tv, however in the new plans this offer has been withdrawn.

Jio Fiber Diamond Plan

The new Diamond monthly plan of jio fiber offers speeds of 300Mbps and costs Rs 1,768 with GST. This plan provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 3300Gb per month and includes all features & OTT subscriptions of Gold plan with addition to NETFLIX(basic) plan.

Diamond plan is recommended for those who do not want to compromise on digital entertainment and are willing to shell out extra bucks for the premium features like NETFLIX.

Jio fiber TV can be primarily used ditching the regular settop box to watch tv and other content without any hiccups.

Earlier with the 12 Month Annual recharge you could avail a 24″ HD Tv, however this offer has been omitted in the new plans.

Jio Fiber Diamond+ Plan

Diamond+ is the newest plan of the Jio Fiber. Diamond+ monthly plan offers speeds of 500Mbps and costs Rs 2,948 with GST. This plan provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 3300Gb per month and includes all OTT subscriptions of Diamond plans.

NETFLIX(Standard) pack is available with the Diamond+ plan.

Jio Fiber Platinum Plan

The new platinum monthly plan of jio fiber offers speeds of 1Gbps and costs Rs 4,718 with GST. This plan provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 3300Gb and includes all features of Diamond+plan.

Platinum plan is generally not recommended for households due to its unjustified cost & even the general household wont be able to exploit the full potential of the plan.

Platinum plan is best suited for small commercial purposes like budding educational institutions,start up offices,photo studios etc. Earlier with the platinum plan you could avail a 32”HD Tv if you opted for the annual plan, however with the new plan that has been ceased.

Jio Fiber Titanium Plan

The new titanium plan is on the top tier of Jio Fiber and offers top notch features with blazing fast speeds.Titanium  monthly plan offers speeds of 1Gbps and costs Rs 10,028 with GST .This plan provides you with unlimited high speed data upto 6600Gb and includes all features of Platinum plan.

NETFLIX(Premium) pack comes bundled with the Titanium plan.

Titanium plan is purely commercial as it is recommended for malls,restaurants,offices and big educational institutions. Earlier With the Titanium annual plan you could avail a 43” 4k UHD Tv, however this offer has been deleted with the new plans.

New Jio Fiber Plans Pricing

BRONZE 30MbpsMRP- 470MRP- 1,412MRP- 2,824MRP- 5,649
SILVER 100MbpsMRP- 824MRP- 2,474MRP- 4,948MRP- 9,897
GOLD 150 MbpsMRP- 1,178MRP- 3,536MRP- 7,072MRP- 14,145

DIAMOND+ 500Mbps
MRP- 1,768

MRP- 2,948
MRP- 5,306

MRP- 8,846
MRP- 10,612

MRP- 17,692
MRP- 21,225

MRP- 35,385
PLATINUM 1GbpsMRP- 4,718MRP- 14,156MRP- 28,312MRP- 56,625
TITANIUM 1GbpsMRP- 10,028MRP- 30,086MRP- 60,172MRP- 1,20,345

*Prices and Features may change and will be updated here if any

Jio Fiber Combo Plan

Jio Fiber offers a combo plan for short term users. There has been no change in combo plans however.

Jio Fiber combo plan is priced at 234, including GST and has a validity of 7 days. In the fiber combo plan you get 1000Gb data @100Mbps and unlimited voice calls.

However as the data cap is very high this plan does not give access to premium OTT content. This plan is recommended for light users or for those who need high speed internet rarely.

Jio Fiber Add-On plans

Jio Fiber still offers 6 add on plans like before, in case you run out of high speed data before your plan validity ends. These add on plans however have the validity only till your active base plan. With Data Add-On

You Get

20 Gb data with recharge of 101
55 Gb data with recharge of 251
125 Gb data with recharge of 501
275 Gb data with recharge of 1001
650 Gb data with recharge of 2001
2000 Gb data with recharge of 4001

Is a 100 Mbps connection Enough?

If you also have the same question and want the answer you shall have your query resolved here.First of all you need to understand about the internet speed that the operators provide.

Internet speed is measured in Mbps and Gbps. Mbps stands for MEGABITS PER SECOND and not MEGABYTES PER SECOND that most of you  confuse it with. Same goes for Gbps.1Mbps=0.125MB/S. So technically a 100 Mbps connection would give a max download speed of 12.5MB/S i.e a 100MB file on a 100 Mbps connection shall take 100/12.5=8 seconds to download and not 1 second that most of you calculate.

I too wanted to check how much load could a 100Mbps connection bear and if it was enough. So i figured out a way to test it. I tested on the silver plan that provides speed of 100Mbps. After testing i was more than satisfied with the results.

I played a single video in multiple high resolutions across multiple devices at a time connected over WIFI. Played it in FULL HD in my 42” FULL HD TV,in 4K resolution in my second 43” 4K TV,in 2K resolution in my Tablet of 10.5” and in FULL HD resolution in 4 smart phones with 6+” screens.

The video still played buttery smooth across all devices without any buffer or lag. I have emaphasized on screen sizes because larger the screen the more bandwidth it uses. Now you know how much can a 100 Mbps Jio fiber connection can handle.

With the above stats i can comfortably say a speed of 100 Mbps jio fiber connection is more than enough for a regular household. However if you need more data and you will if you plan to use the Jio fiber TV as your primary settop box you shall have to upgrade to a better plan of Gold and above or can recharge with data booster/add on plans if you plan to watch TV in your jio settop box.

Jio Fiber Speed

Jio fiber does provide high speed internet as advertised. However in the real world you can expect a 100Mbps connection to give a max download and upload speed of 90-95Mbps.

Silver Plan Speed Test

Similarly a 250Mbps connection shall give a max download and upload of speed 220-230Mbps.

Gold Plan Speed Test

*Netflix recommends a speed of at least 25Mbps to stream video in the highest quality.

I am an existing customer and am yet to be upgraded to the symmetric download & upload speeds. The above speed tests are older and do not show the symmetric speeds.

Jio has confirmed that existing users will be upgraded to the nearest new plan and i have been assured that my older 250Mbps Gold plan will be migrated to 300 Mbps Diamond plan. Good work by Jio here.

Plan Upgrade Intimation

Jio Fiber Advantages

*Great Download speeds from 30 Mbps to 1Gbps. I get 90-95Mbps speed on my silver plan and 220-235 Mbps on my Gold plan

*Affordable plans starting as low as Rs 399(without gst).

*Truly high speed internet with 100% Uptime.

*Router provided is a true dual band i.e supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands realtime.

*Included Jio TV can substitute your regular settop box.For all details about jio fiber tv click here.

*Both the router and the settop box come with lifetime warranty which no other broadband providers offer.

*Every plan supports truly unlimited local and std calls. A detailed article on how to use jio fiber to use the call feature shall be found here.

*Premium OTT content like Amazon prime, Hotstar VIP, sony liv, Zee 5, Voot etc included in selected plans with Netflix being added recently.

*Unlike other service providers Jio fiber doesn’t charge penalty of any kind if you do not recharge your connection after the plan expiry.

*Fiber Service support is fast

Jio Fiber Disadvantages

* Older customers who have recharged for any Annual, semi annual or Quarterly plan feel cheated as new plans have become much affordable and offer more value.

*Older customers on long term recharges have been promised to be upgraded to newer plans that offer symmetric speeds and unlimited data, however till now only the latter has been fulfilled.

*The settop box provided though runs on Android 9 doesn’t support Google play store yet,instead has its own Jio store which has its limitations.

*Jio fiber doesn’t have any plan that offer speeds between 150 & 300Mbps. Hence a gap between Gold and diamond plan is a lacunae.

*Jio store app in the Jio fiber TV has limited number of applications as of now. Though new apps are being added the phase out is slow.

 *Jio fiber is still in a growing phase so is not available at all locations and has a very limited reach.

*Cancelling your jio fiber and getting your refund is a pain. Takes almost about 20-25 days for the procedure completion.

Jio Fiber Review/Feedback

Many reviews on the internet say Jio Fiber is a flop. Perhaps this notion is due to word of mouth rather than personal experience.

Though this was true until a few months back after which Jio fiber has proved all wrong & made drastic changes to its plans that are now much cheaper with doubled offerings.

It has one of the lowest Pricing in the industry starting at 399 for the 30Mbps connection and offers lightning speeds upto 1Gbps.

If you ask me,my honest opinion is Jio fiber broadband is at par with its rivals and is even better to an extent. At Rs 2500 out of which Rs 1500 is refundable on surrendering the connection  no other service provider offers a dual band router with the settop box.

You can even opt for the Rs 1500 installation if you do not want the Settop box. With this installation Rs 500 will be refundable though.

They also offer a 100% uptime. I have faced a maximum of 7-8 days of outage(impact of cyclone included) during my usage since the last 20 months and is acceptable owing to natural calamity.

Prompt service is provided if you face any issue and they do follow you up once in a month to know about your experience and issues if any. They value your feedback and fiber customers are their priority.

With the recent announcement in changes of Jio Fiber plans, Airtel has also made amends to its plans to prevent users from migrationg to Jio. Earlier Airtel used to provide the Xstream at an extra cost of 3999, however Airtel now includes this for free.

There is a catch though, Airtel Xstream settop box can be availed against a refundable security deposit of Rs 1499.

Airtel used to charge Rs 299 extra for truly Unlimited data above the existing plans, however this has been waived off now, thanks to Jio Fiber newer unlimited data plans.

Apart from Jio fiber all broadband providers offer third party router with limited warranty. Eg-Airtel offers routers of Nokia and BSNL fiber offers HUAWEI branded.

Jio fiber offers its own router, Jio fiber TV and installation all within Rs 2500 or Rs 1500 which is much lesser compared to its rivals.

Most importantly the Jio fiber router & Jio fiber TV come with a lifetime warranty, so if any defect arises at any point of time the device shall be replaced free of cost, no questions asked. This gives absolute peace of mind.

Jio Fiber Availability

As Jio Fiber is in its budding phase at just 10 months old since its commercial roll out last year they are still expanding their presence and have a lesser reach compared to its rivals.

Currently Jio Fiber has more than a million subscribers. However here in my locality Jio fiber broadband is at full swing and has almost 70% coverage .

As of now Jio fiber offers its services across all major cities including:
Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida, Allahabad, Agra, Vadodara, Patna, Meerut, Vizag, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Punjab, Port Blair, Varanasi, Surat, Jaipur, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Gaya and in some other states. Eventually Jio Fiber will be available at all metro cities including tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Give them a invite and they shall let you know if they are providing the service in your area or not.

Should you get a Jio fiber connection or upgrade to Jio Fiber?

An absolute Yes if you want to live the uber digital life, do give a try to the Jio fiber or upgrade to one from your existing connection and let away your high speed internet connection woes. Jio fiber is your all in one answer to your work entertainment and study.

Jio Fiber Helpline/Customer Care

Jio fiber support can be reached via phone,whatsapp and my jio app.

For phone you need to call at-18008969999

Via whatsapp-Type HELLO to 7000570005

Via My jio app-click on the JIO CARE

Some additional queries i have answered that you may have

How to change Jio Fiber Location?

As of now you cannot change your jio fiber location. If you are moving out of your home then you have to surrender the conection.

How to change Jio Fiber Registered Mobile numer?

*Open the My jio app with the existing registered mobile number.

*Open the settings of the app. Do not open the My device setting.

*Click on Edit Profile Menu.

*Click on regiseterd mobile number and enter your new number.

*An OTP will be sent to the new number to confirm.

How to change Jio Fiber Admin/Router Password?

*Open My Jio app.

*Click on My Device Setting.

*A window will open to change name and password.

How to change Jio Fiber WiFi Name?

To change the name follow the same steps of changing the password.

I recommend you to give different names to the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands so that it is easy for you to distinguish between the networks.

How to block mac address/User on Jio Fiber?

To block a mac id or User from accessing your jio fiber connection

*Open the My jio App.

*Click on My Device Setting.

*Click the user/mac id you want to block.

Similarly Follow the same procedure to unblock.

How to Disconnect Jio Fiber Connection?

Unfortunately you cannot disconnect your fiber connection through the My Jio App. You need to call the customer care number and register a request for your cancellation.

After you register the request they take around 7 days to process the request. You shall be intimated via sms as to when their engineer shall visit to pickup the hardware. Remember to keep all the original boxes handy and the devices in working condition without any damage for hassle free pickup.

After successful pickup is completed they shall collect your bank details to process the refund. Refund is generally done via NEFT. You can expect your refund in the next 15-30 Days.

Do let me know in the comments,any of your queries and if you would like to have or upgrade to Jio Fiber.

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