Samsung Galaxy M51- The Meanest Monster

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The Meanest Monster from Samsung is on sale from 18-09-2020. Samsung Galaxy M51 packs in a hefty amount of features that justify its monster tagline.

Here is our full review of the Samsung Galaxy M51 and how does it fairs against its major rival, the One Plus Nord.

As both the phones fall under a similar price bracket, to rule out the confusion of apt buyers, a detailed comparison has been done from our side.

samsung galaxy m51

Samsung Galaxy M51 Release Date

The newest entrant to the M series has been exclusively available on Amazon from 18-09-2020.

Samsung has an early bird offer in which you can avail an extra Discount of Rs 1500 on the M51 on ICICI Credit & Debit Card EMI.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Price, Details & Specifications

The meanest monster from Samsung is aggressively priced by Samsung considering the power it packs in.

The Monster M51 will be available in two variants. It will be available in a 6+128 as well as 8+128 configuration.

Galaxy M51 is priced at Rs 25000 for the base 6+128Gb variant and at Rs 27000 for the higher 8+128Gb variant.

The good news is the Samsung Galaxy M51 has proper triple card slots (Dual Sim + Memory Card upto 512Gb) & also includes the headphone jack.

Though the price comes really close to Samsung’s upper A- Series, we would say Samsung has still priced the M51 competitively.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Detailed Review

Colour Options

Starting off with the design front the Galaxy M51 doesn’t boast of any brilliant design or flashy colours.

Samsung Galaxy M51 comes in two plain jane colours; black & blue. We were a little disappointed with the colour options from Samsung as these are a too sober for our liking.

We really would have liked if Samsung borrowed the gradient colours from its A- series. However colours are a personal choice.


The Galaxy device comes with a relatively plasticky body. The entire device is made from plastic save for the display.

Samsung however calls the rear panel as Glastic, believed to be an amalgamation of Glass & Plastic. The con of this panel is it is a fingerprint magnet and attracts smudges very easily.

The Frame holding both the front as well as the rear portion is also made from plastic.

Clearly sacrifices have been made in the design front to compensate for the extra features.

Samsung did revert to us for our questions as to why metal frame, glass back & inclusion of in display fingerprint scanner were given a miss.

Samsung stated that as the device packs in that monstrous 7000Mah battery adding a glass back and metal frame would have added on to the weight, the M51 already weighs in at 213gms.

As for the In display fingerprint scanner is considered, Samsung said to keep the thickness in check they had to replace it with a side mounted scanner.

Not to mention, the side mounted fingerprint scanner of the M51 is blazing fast and we can easily say it is the fastest ever than any Samsung device.

We agree with Samsung for the above valid reasons, however we have a bit of ambiguity for the exclusion of in display scanner.

Apart from the thickness part we think Samsung excluded the In display scanner as they keep it reserved for their more premium A-series.

 So if they had included the in display scanner in the M series, it would have done injustice to its own A series.


The Samsung Galaxy M51 has the following dimensions. 16.95* 0.95* 7.63. The monster is just 9.5mm thick considering the huge battery it packs in.

Display Specification

Samsung has packed its second biggest display in a smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 boasts a huge 6.7” Full HD Super AMOLED+ Infinity-O panel with 402 ppi and a 1080*2400 pixel resolution.

Aspect Ratio stands at 20:9 and the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Samsung had to ditch the conventional Super AMOLED for the Super AMOLED+ as the latter is 43% slimmer and 28% lighter.

samsung galaxy m51 display

The display supports upto 110% of the NTSC colour gamut with 78960:1 contrast ratio.

As usual the AMOLED panels from Samsung are the best in class and the one used in the M51 is no different.

The display maxes out at 420 Nits, well do not fall for the numbers. The display is pretty bright and vivid. Sunlight legibility is also equally good.

The only gripe we have with the display is Samsung has used a 60 Hz panel.

2020 has seen smartphones with refresh rates as high as 144Hz and the deal would have been sweeter if Samsung included at least a 90Hz panel.

We guess Samsung had to keep the pricing under a mark and a high refresh rate panel would have added to the extra cost.

Processor Specification

Samsung has decided to ship the M51 with a new processor in town.

The Monster comes powered by a Octa Core Snapdragon 730G chipset clocked at 2.2Ghz for the primary core and 1.8Ghz for the secondary core.

We are glad Samsung ditched the Exynos in the M51, they are a complete slouch compared to the Snapdragons.

The 730G is a decently powerful processor and can handle all your day to day tasks with ease.

Not for the hardcore of gamers but the 730G is adequately powerful for most games.

One UI combined with the snapdragon 730G makes using the M51 a polished device.

We are nitpicking here but the M51 does not have 5G support, though 5G is still a distant dream it can be a deal breaker for those of you looking to stick with the phone for 2 or more years.

Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy M51 packs in a Penta Cam setup. A Quad setup at rear and a single at the front.

The Meanest Monster boasts of a segment leading 64MP Primary Main camera with f 1.8 aperture, a 12MP Ultra Wide Angle with f 2.2, a 5MP depth and a 5MP macro lens.

Both the Depth as well as the Macro sensors feature a f 2.4 aperture.

The 64 MP primary rear camera produces some impressive results in daylight and is easily one of the best we have seen in the segment.

Low light photos from the 64MP sensor are equally impressive.

The 64MP sensor captures great details and colours both in adequate light and no light.

The photos come out sharp and punchy, however the dynamic range could be better.

Coming to the wide angle lens, the 12MP sensor has a wide FOV of 123⁰.

We were surprised to see the photos from the wild angle lens. The photos captured in daylight were clear and had enough details.

However the wide angle failed to impress us during low light. The images in low light came out grainy and had a lot of noise when zoomed in.

The 5MP macro lens captures good enough close ups for most of you out there and casual photographers won’t have any complaints with it.

In the front the Samsung galaxy M51 packs a very capable 32MP sensor with f 2.2 aperture.

Selfies from the front shooter were great during daylight. The photos came out rich and vivid and edge detection in portrait shots worked flawlessly.

Low light photos captured from the front camera, though were usable failed to impress us. Samsung could have done a better job in the low light department.

The thing to note here is that the Galaxy M51 does not have OIS and only relies on EIS for both its rear as well as front shooter.

As far as video performance is considered the M51 can shoot upto [email protected] You can also record slow motion videos at 240fps, however slo mo is restricted to HD resolution only.

Monster Battery

The battery is the stand alone feature that made the M51 win over MO-B, aka the little monster. Kidding though!

Kudos to Samsung for excelling in the battery department. Hands down, the Samsung Galaxy M51 packs in a mammoth battery we have rarely seen.

Despite being just 9.5mm thick Samsung has managed to fit in a gargantuan 7000Mah battery to fuel up the M51.

We were left in awe with the battery capacity, literally 7000Mah batteries are normally found in tablets but Samsung has managed to squeeze it into a smaller frame.

Samsung is breaking the battery barriers just like they did with the introduction of 6000Mah batteries in the past &this time they have taken a huge leap in the battery segment.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 simply puts other smartphones to shame at least in the battery department.

The Meanest Monster tag is rightly justified by the huge battery.

The battery is not only big with the numbers, it lives upto its capacity very well.

We did find it a Herculean task to deplete the battery within a day.

The M51 simply refuses to die in a day with moderate to heavy usage.

We easily got screen on time of 12+ hrs in our usage. As you can see with such screen on time’s the Samsung Galaxy M51 can easily get you two days of usage.

Casual users can even manage to use the M51 straight for 48+ hrs without looking for the charger.

To refuel the monstrous battery, Samsung has supplied with it a 25W Fast charging that tops the M51 from null to 100% just under 120 minutes.

No major complains but just as Samsung redefined the battery, we would be glad if Samsung could do the same with its fast charging technologies.

25W for a 7000Mah is slow by today’s standards. Other Manufacturers have already breached the 65W fast charging and 100+ Watt chargers are on their way.

At least a 30+ W power break would have helped in bringing down the two hour charging time.

We are nit picking here though, two hours for two days of use is still fairly a good deal.

Despite the huge battery and the monster M51 weighing 213gms, Samsung has balanced the weight distribution perfectly and it doesn’t feel top or bottom heavy.

The Monster M51 has another trick up its sleeve, it supports reverse charging which means you can use the M51 to recharge other phones.

We gladly admire Samsung in the battery department and it is a lesson for other manufacturers to learn from the Korean giant.

Meanest Monster M51 vs One Plus Nord

This is where the fight comes really close, two capable contenders against each other.

As far as the pricing is considered, both are similarly priced where the Nord is slightly dearer to the Samsung Galaxy M51.

We have made a detailed comparison between the two and this shall help you to choose the right one for yourselves.

Though the M51 is available in two variants and the Nord in three variants, however we will be comparing the 8+128Gb one’s from both the stables to keep things fair.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 is priced at Rs 27000 for the 8+128Gb and the One Plus Nord is priced at 28000 for the similarly specced variant.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Pros

  • Bigger display @ 6.7”
  • Bigger battery 7000Mah
  • Expandable Memory
  • Headphone Jack

One Plus Nord Pros

  • 90 Hz Fluid AMOLED Display
  • Snapdragon765G Processor
  • 5G enabled
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 @both front & back
  • Dual Selfie Cameras
  • 30W WARP Charge

As you can see the One Plus Nord clearly outclasses the Samsung Galaxy M51 and justifies being expensive than the same.

The Nord has a better processor, is 5G enabled making it sort of future proof, has a much faster 30W WARP charging, has better gorilla glass protection and boasts a high 90Hz refresh rate.

Build quality is also top notch of the One Plus Nord and thanks to the Glass back it certainly feels a much premium device than the M51.

As far as the camera is considered the primary sensor of the One Plus Nord performs better than the M51 in daylight conditions but M51 fights back with its low light capabilities.

Coming to the macro lens of both the devices the clear winner is the Samsung Galaxy M51.

The 2 MP macro sensor of the Nord is second to useless and we would have liked if One Plus would have just eliminated that & instead focused on the other lenses.

One Plus, however wins back in the selfie department. Apart from capturing better photos and shooting 4k Video @60fps, it also has an wide angle lens that makes taking groupfies easier.

Overall its neck and neck in the camera department and picking  a clear winner is difficult.

But when it comes to the battery the Monster M51 simply slams the One Plus Nord.

With the Nord you can have battery anxiety issues, if you are sort of heavy to extreme user but you will have peace of mind with the M51, thanks to the monstrous 7000Mah with 25W charging.

No doubt Nord’s Oxygen OS is super optimized and is ahead of Samung’s One UI, but the 7000Mah battery of the Samsung overpowers the Oxygen OS.

Though the One Plus Nord can manage to the second day with moderate usage it simply is no match for the M51.

The Nord however compensates its battery backup by bundling a faster 30W WARP charger.

We greatly appreciate the charging algorithm of the WARP chargers. The Nord tops upto 70% in just 30 minutes.

Now the most awaited question :- who should prefer what?

Who should grab the Meanest Monster?

Samsung Galaxy M51 is best suited for those of you that are heavy to extremely heavy users.

Galaxy M51 should be your choice if you travel a lot where topping up the battery is a must.

If you prefer a bigger screen for binge watching M51 shall suffice you with its larger 6.7” display.

You should opt for the M51 if features like the expandable memory and 3.5mm headphone jack are a must on your list.

Who should grab the One Plus Nord?

If you want the best of Android experience One Plus Nord with its Oxygen Os should be your choice.

Those preferring a buttery smooth high refresh rate panel & Faster charging should settle for the “NEVER SETTLE” device.

For Selfie lovers Nord should be the right shooter.

Users looking at the OOMPH! factor with lightweight yet premium glass design & attractive colours to die for, the One Plus Nord is the apt option.

We have a detailed review of the One Plus Nord and you can check it here.

Overall both the Samsung Galaxy M51 & One Plus Nord are made to cater for people of different segments and you won’t be wrong with either of the options.

Let us know what do you think of both the devices and which one is your pick?

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