Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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Samsung recently announced its flagship line up boasting the ever Premium Note Series and newly innovated Z Fold Series.

The Note 20 Ultra stays true to its predecessors with a timeless elegant design crafted to perfection.

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

From a seamless beautiful architecture to a powerful processor and a pro grade camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra packs in everything that you could ever ask for.

Bundled with the more powerful than ever S-pen unleash your creativity without any compromise with the Note 20 Ultra.

The S-Pen along with Samsung Notes is just like a computer in your hand that handles your every task.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with the most powerful processor from Samsung and is equipped with the most powerful Camera from the brand yet.

With a combination of uncompromising features and design the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is an absolute work horse for heavy users and pro grade photographers among you.

Here we shall have a detailed review of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra covering every aspect of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Price

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is priced at a premium of ₹1,04,999 in India for the 12Gb Ram &256Gb variant.

However you can get the device at an effective price of just ₹7659. We are not kidding here, bundled with the offers you can get the Note 20 Ultra for just under ₹8000. Here is how you can avail it-

  • MRP of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra– ₹1,04,999
  • Exchange Value of your old phone upto– ₹76,340
  • Extra Discount of ₹2000 if you buy on Samsung Shop App
  • Upto9000 Cashback with HDFC Credit Card
  • With your pre order you can get E-voucher of upto10,000 to redeem items that goes well with your Note 20 Ultra.

With the above offers the effective price comes down to ₹7659.

Samsung also offers a 70% assured buyback value with the Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Variants

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be available in a single configuration of 12Gb RAM & 256Gb storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Colours

The Note 20 Ultra will be available in 3 colour options. Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green and Mystic Black. The Mystic Bronze colour is surely a head turner and attention grabber.

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra colours
Note 20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green & Mystic Black

Mystic Bronze should be your choice to flaunt in front of your friends and family however sober users can always opt for the mystic green or black.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Launch & Availability

Note 20 Ultra will be exclusively available on Flipkart in India. The tentative date stated for the sale is 28th August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Specifications

Samsung, as usual has decided to ship its flagship with Exynos processor in India and with Snapdragon processor abroad.

The Indian Variant of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra weighs in at 208g & is equipped with Samsung’s most powerful processor yet, the Exynos 990 Octa Core clocked at 2.73Ghz for the Primary Core, 2.5 & 2Ghz for the Secondary & Tertiary Cores respectively.

 The variant overseas will ship with top of the line 865+ series from Snapdragon.

Samsung however claims that their in house Exynos 990 is as powerful as the Snapdragon 865+.

Though we could not find a way to compare them but as Samsung touts, yes in our usage we found the Exynos 990 to be as powerful as the 865+.

The Note 20 ultra features a Hybrid slot and the memory can be expandable to a hard disk size of 1TB. Storage won’t be an issue with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

In the security front the Note 20 Ultra comes with an Ultrasonic In Display Fingerprint Scanner and Face Recognition. Must say both the systems are damn fast & accurate.

The fast unlocking speeds is definitely one of the best we have ever tested.  

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is made with the future in mind. It is 5G enabled straight out of the box and also supports WiFi 6.

Slow internet speeds are a thing of the past with the Note 20 Ultra.

Though the Note 20 Ultra does not house a stereo speaker setup the single bottom firing speaker was decently loud in our use.

A stereo setup however would have been preferred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Headphone Jack

The Galaxy Device misses out on a regular 3.5mm Headphone Jack and audiophiles will have to settle with a Type C to 3.5mm Converter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Review

The Note 20 Ultra redefines pro grade photography. It comes with a Quad Camera setup with OIS(Optical Image Stabilisation), 3 shooters at the rear and a single front shooter.

Samsung has managed to cram inside a whopping 108 Megapixels into the primary camera of the Note 20 Ultra.

The 3 shooters at the rear are equipped with a 108Mp Primary Shooter with upto 50x Digital Zoom, a 12Mp Telephoto Lens with 5x Optical Zoom & a 12Mp Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

However the front camera only packs in a decent 10Mp to its sensor.

Images from the Primary Rear camera came out pretty good. Colours were punchy and great. Sharpness was quite good and images were usable even with the 5x Telephoto Zoom Lens at the max Zoom.

However with the 50x digital zoom the images were almost unusable with lot of noise and grain and we would not recommend cranking above the 10x mark.

Well most of us won’t zoom in that far so this can be neglected.

What really surprised us was the Ultra Wide Angle shooter. The images captured were beautiful, detailed & punchy. Even after Zooming in quite a bit the image retained their quality without any distortion.

It is one of the best wide angle camera we have used in a smartphone.

Note 20 Ultra uses a LASER Auto Focusing System, hence we did not find any issue like the camera being unable to focus or objects being out of focus. Switching of focus points was as smooth as possible with the device.

The pictures from the front facing camera though were great but selfies taken both indoors and outdoors did not impress us as much.

The Skin tone was not rendered as we expected in both conditions, may be this shall be fixed with an OTA update.

Coming to the Video recording capabilities this is where the Note 20 borrows the Ultra Tag.

You can record Cinematic Videos upto [email protected] with 16:9 Aspect Ratio. It also shoots at [email protected] Fps and Full [email protected] Fps.

In fact the clarity of the 8k video from the Note 20 Ultra is such that you can snap out a 33Mp photo directly from the video. This is some serious technology Samsung has implemented with this Ultra device.

Shooting slow motion videos is an absolute bliss with the Note 20 Ultra.

The equipped OIS does a brilliant job in stabilizing the footage. Note 20 Ultra also provides a pro grade mic to record the audio.

You have 3 options to record the audio ; Front, Rear or Omni directional recording and these really do improve the audio quality of the video.

The only gripe we have with the Note 20 Ultra camera is its very design, the camera bump is extremely huge and may be scratched easily without a protective case.

Note 20 Ultra Camera Bump

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Display

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra sports an impeccable design with metal frame and dual glass design.

The Note 20 Ultra definitely lives upto its name as it houses a humongous 6.9” Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x Dual Curved Display with a brilliant fluidic 120 Hz Refresh Rate and almost non existent bezels.

Note 20 Ultra’s display is specced at a resolution of 3088*1440 with a very high pixel density of 496 pixels per inch.

This beautiful display is protected by the toughest Gorilla Glass till date. Yes the Note 20 Ultra is the first smartphone to ship with the latest Corning’s Gorilla Glass 7 that is also referred as the Gorilla Victus.

The dual front & rear of the Note 20 Ultra are guarded by the Gorilla Glass Victus and we were left awed with the protection it offered.

The Gorilla Victus is made up of next gen aluminosilicate glass that imparts the desired durability and ruggedness.

Corning advertises that the Gorilla Victus is shatter proof even when dropped from a ridiculous height of 6 feet. The Gorilla Victus is also tested to be scratch proof as well.

Gorilla Victus is certified to withstand a load of 8Nm where most others fail at just 4Nm of load.

As advertised with the Gorilla Victus, the Note 20 Ultra successfully survived our drop and scratch test.

We dropped the device from around 3 feet and even tried scratching with coins and keys but both the Gorilla Victus and Note 20 ultra successfully took all the abuses.

So keep your worries at bay of scratching or breaking your beautiful phone while you travel.

Though the Note 20 Ultra has that 120Hz Refresh Rate, unfortunately it cannot be set with the Quad HD resolution and you can only enjoy the 120Hz with Full HD setting.

However Samsung clearly mentions that setting the display to 120Hz shall reduce the battery life.

You too must have a question in mind that a phone with such a huge display of 6.9” must require both hands to be used, we too were sure that using both hands are a must considering the huge screen, however we were left surprised.

Samsung has cleverly optimized the User Interface as a result everything falls to the hand easily and we did not find any difficulty with one hand usage.

 Smart work from Samsung & Full Marks to the Note 20 Ultra in the display department.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Battery

The galaxy device gets its power from a 4500Mah battery. The Note 20 Ultra also comes with a decent 25W Fast Charger out of the box to top up the battery just over an hour.

We did not extensively test the battery life, however you may need to top it up twice a day if you are a heavy user and keep the display at the 120Hz setting.

A 5000Mah power house would have definitely increased the desirability quotient.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S-Pen

The Note series derives its name from the ability to take notes just like with a pen and paper. Here the S-Pen of the Note 20 Ultra comes into picture.

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra s-pen
Note 20 Ultra S-Pen

You get a multitude of features with the in- built S-pen. The latency has been marginally reduced to 9Ms from the earlier 42Ms and jotting something on the Note 20 Ultra feels much more snappier & real than ever before.

Apart from jotting down notes the S-Pen also features air gestures like open, close, back and even capture photos.

You can also jot down anything on the Note 20 Ultra no matter whichever application or web page you are on.

You won’t miss out on any ideas with the mighty S-Pen in hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Accessories

  • Note 20 Ultra comes with the S-pen functionality built in.
  • AKG tuned earphones are available in the box contents.
  • You can pair your Note 20 Ultra with the latest TWS, the Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review/Rating

The Note 20 Ultra is designed for productivity and entertainment and it performs brilliantly in its segment.

Samsung promises 3 generation of software updates with this device.

From a show stopping design to a gorgeous display and very capable cameras with fast charging along with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 support,  the Ultra ticks almost all the right boxes in our feature list.

If you are having a budget slightly above a lakh rupees and willing to spend on a premium powerful smartphone you can surely give a chance to the Note 20 Ultra.

We would give a generous 8.5/10 to the galaxy device. Had the battery capacity been a bit more and the price tag under a lakh,  the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would have scored an Ultra 10/10 rating from our side.

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Thank you for being here and do let us know if you would like a comparison of the Note 20 Ultra with its rivals.

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