Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus- Should the Ipad Pro be Worried?

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Tablets have always been neglected in the gadget verse. There was a time when the tablet market saw a sharp decline because manufacturers were solely focusing on smartphones.

Thanks to the current work from home culture & online studies, tablets are now in demand like never before & hence leading manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have lined up their portfolio to cater the current needs.

Tablets & Smartphones are in the forefront when it comes to portable entertainment. From checking your daily mails to video calls and watching videos we are overly dependent on these gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is not only aimed at fulfilling your needs from entertainment and studies but it also packs in the features & performance to replace your primary laptop.

Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Laptops though fulfil your needs but they are not portable like a tablet that hits the sweet spot in weight and screen size with ample processing power.

Hence it becomes more convenient with a tab to watch videos, stream online or work casually laying on your couch.

Here we shall have a detailed review of the Samsung’s most powerful tablet work horse yet, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Price

The Flagship tablet from Samsung is priced in the United States at 849$ for the WiFi variant and 1049$ for the WiFi+Cellular one.

Indian Variant is expected to be priced around 75000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Release Date

The Galaxy Tab S7 plus is going to be available in the United States before the fall and India launch is expected before mid September. You will be notified here as soon as the dates are confirmed from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Variants & Storage

The Galaxy Tab S7 plus will be available in two variants a WiFi only and a WiFi+Cellular model.

You have the option to choose from either 6 or 8 Gigs of LPDDR5 RAM coupled with 128 or 256 Gigs of UFS 3.1 storage.

You can also expand the storage capacity to a whopping 1TB  as it comes with an expandable slot. Live worry free without panicking for lack of storage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Colours

The Galaxy Tablet will be available in 3 colours Mystic Black, Mystic Silver & Mystic Bronze.

The 5G Variant of the S7 Plus will however be available in a single colour i.e the Mystic Black.

samsung galaxy tab s7 plus colours
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Colours

Just like the Note 20 Ultra, Tab S7 Plus in the Mystic Bronze colour looks stunningly beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Specifications

The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the successor to the previous year’s Galaxy Tab S6. It is a major upgrade compared to the previous gen as Samsung has overhauled the Tab S7 plus from scratch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the first Tablet from Samsung to ship with the Snapdragon 865+ Octa core processor and also comes 5G enabled with WiFi 6 right out from the box.

The Octa Core Processor is clocked at 3.09GHz for the Primary Core, 2.4GHz & 1.8GHz for the Secondary and Tertiary Cores respectively.

The Tablet operates on the latest OS Android 10 and supports Low Energy Bluetooth Version 5.0.

In the security front the Tab S7 Plus sports an Ultrasonic In Display Fingerprint Scanner as well as Face Recognition.

The Fingerprint scanner is rightly placed and can easily be operated with a single hand, no matter whichever orientation you are on.

We found the fingerprint and face unlock feature fast and accurate too. Kudos to Samsung.

The Tab S7 Plus is a behemoth when it comes to audio department. The device is powered by Quad Stereo Speakers tuned by Samsung AKG.

Audio is pretty loud, crisp and clear with good bass. In fact it is the best tablet in the audio department beating the Apple Ipad Pro.

It also supports Dolby Atmos and a 3D sound tuning that comes into effect when the orientation is changed.

No matter whichever angle is the device the audio auto tunes itself to give you the best sound possible.

The Indian Variant will get the Cellular model only, while the Tab S7 Plus will be available in both the WiFi as well as cellular model overseas.

Build Quality

The Tab S7 Plus features an all aluminium back with glass front and chamfered egdes. Build quality is sleek, solid & top notch. The moment you pick the Tab S7 Plus, you realize it indeed is a premium device.

The Aluminium back is sandblasted and resists fingerprints so you don’t have to clean it every now and then.

The tablet is extremely thin at 5.7mm and weighs at 575gms. Though not the thinnest or lightest from the brand’s stable, it is pretty well balanced and designed.

Samsung has cleverly housed the in- built S-pen to the back of the Tab S7 plus that sticks to the tab magnetically and charges automatically. Good news here as it is less prone to be lost as well as carrying it around is a breeze.

The S7 Plus also supports Dex Mode that turns the tablet into an Android Laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Display Specifications

Galaxy Tab S7 derives the Plus name from its display. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus packs in the biggest, most beautiful and most precisely engineered display from Samsung yet, in the Tablet portfolio.

The Tab S7 Plus boasts of a Humongous 12.4 Inch Super AMOLED display with a gigantic resolution of 2800 by 1752 Pixels along with a super fast 120Hz Refresh Rate.

Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus display specifications
12.4″ Super AMOLED HDR 10+ Certified 120 Hz Refresh Rate

The Screen is HDR 10+ certified so watching your favourite Netflix content or playing HDR games will be enticing.

Aspect Ratio stands at Cinematic 16:10 & the S7 Plus’s display packs in a generous 266PPI (pixels per inch) that makes everything from texts to images crystal clear and lifelike.

The 12.4” AMOLED screen coupled with the 120Hz Refresh Rate makes it a treat to consume media. Your eyes will love to feast on the gorgeous display of the Tab S7 Plus.

We were thoroughly impressed with the display. Though Samsung hasn’t mentioned the brightness in Nits but we found out that it was adequately bright in day to day usage.

Thanks to the AMOLED technology colours were vibrant and punchy with deep Blacks. Sunlight legibility was equally good.

The only gripe we had with the display was that, it is sort of a fingerprint magnet without any protection. Yes, the Tab S7 Plus does not offer any kind of protection unlike Note 20 Ultra to its display.

We recommend you to put on a screen guard so as not to scratch or break the display accidentally.

Tab S7 Plus Dimensions

The Tab S7 Plus is packed in a thin frame at just 5.7mm thickness and weighs 575gms. The dimensions stand at 11.22(L) x 7.28(B) x 0.22″(W).

*Measurements in CM

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Battery

The Tab S7 plus justifies the Plus tag as it sports the biggest battery from Samsung yet.

The S7 plus gets its power from a 10,090Mah huge battery that keeps you going on and on for hours at a stretch.

Yes, 10,000+ Mah is literally a power bank inside the Tab S7 plus.

We did not do a screen on time test, however Samsung claims upto 14hrs of video playback with the S7 plus.

The galaxy tablet also supports fast charging upto 45Watts. Though you have to buy that power break separately.

Samsung bundles a 25W fast charger with the box that can top the battery from 0-100% in under 150 minutes.

The Tab S7 plus will easily go through a day and half on a single full charge. Good news for heavy users.

You will get a less battery life if the screen is kept at 120Hz setting.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus features a dual camera setup at back and a single front shooter at the front in the landscape orientation.

The Primary Rear Camera is specced at 13Mp with f 2.0 while the Secondary Rear Camera packs in an Ultra Wide Angle 5Mp with f 2.2 to its sensor.

The Front sports a 8Mp sensor that is decently good for video calls and Zoom Meetings.

We especially liked the Landscape Orientation of the front camera which made it easier during video calling and meetings. Clever thought by Samsung.

Though tablets are not known for their camera prowess, but the Tab S7 plus still outperforms the Ipad Pro in the camera department.

S7 Plus S-Pen Functionality

The S7 plus is incomplete without its S-pen. It borrows the S-Pen from the Note 20 Ultra. So it features the same latency of 9ms and packs in all the features that it offers with the Note 20 Ultra.

For the S-Pen review Click Here.

DEX Mode on S7 Plus

The Dex Mode is why Samsung claims that it can replace your laptop.

The Tab S7 plus comes with a dex mode that can easily be activated on a single tap.

Bundled with the Samsung Book Case Keyboard Cover the  Galaxy Tab S7 plus immediately transforms into a powerful Android Laptop.

The Book Case Keyboard is sold separately and attaches to the tablet in two modes.

You can individually attach the rear or just the keyboard or both. Brilliantly designed by Samsung here.

Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus book cover keyboard
Samsung Book Cover Keyboard

The Dex mode virtually optimizes the Tab S7 plus like a mini PC. The Apps open in pop up window just like in a computer. You can open as many apps as you want just like in a laptop.

The capable 865+ processor handles everything with ease.

The tablet also features a wireless Dex mode that turns any screen with Mirror Cast support into a computer.

You can easily show off your presentations just from the tablet itself.

The Dex mode will be a boon to pro users as it is a breeze to use and we did find it very useful.


The Tab S7 Plus is “All work and All Play”. Gamers will be extremely happy with the S7 plus.

We did not find any lag or hang with the S7 plus in the gaming department.

We threw some graphics intensive games like Asphalt 8, Fortnite, PubG & COD, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus handled all with ease.

You can play PubG at the HDR setting and it really is satisfying.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is an absolute beast in the real world.

From a Stunning huge Display with smooth 120Hz Refresh Rate to a XL size battery along with the S-pen & Dex functionality, the Tab S7 plus ticks all the right boxes.

It can very well replace your laptop in the day to day use without a compromise on the performance.

Coming to the Cons we would have really liked a Gorilla Glass protection on the display.

Though battery capacity is huge it does not significantly improve the usage time as the bigger display uses the extra juice.

The bigger display with the jumbo battery adds heftiness to the device so single hand usage is difficult.

Still we would give the Tab S7 Plus a generous rating of 9/10 for setting a benchmark in the tablet segment with leading features and performance.

 TECHATPAR surely recommends the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus to the Android Tablet users out there for the sheer performer it is.

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